Do you live near Transmission Towers or Electric Substations?

Why do an EMF Survey?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. Any electric device produces EMF’s. At higher voltages used by electric utilities it is perceived by the general public to be a potential health concern related to cancer. Typically, homes near electric substations and electric transmission towers have the most concerns about this issue.

According to NIEHS (one of the National Institutes of Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services):

“In 1999, at the conclusion of the EMF RAPID Program, the NIEHS reported to the U.S. Congress that the overall scientific evidence for human health risk from EMF exposure is weak. No consistent pattern of biological effects from exposure to EMF had emerged from laboratory studies with animals or with cells. However, epidemiological studies (studies of disease incidence in human populations) had shown a fairly consistent pattern that associated potential EMF exposure with a small increased risk for leukemia in children and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in adults. Since 1999, several other assessments have been completed that support an association between childhood leukemia and exposure to power-frequency EMF. These more recent reviews, however, do not support a link between EMF exposures and adult leukemias. For both childhood and adult leukemias, interpretation of the epidemiological findings has been difficult due to the absence of supporting laboratory evidence or a scientific explanation linking EMF exposures with leukemia”.

Why choose Home and Hearth Inspections to do an EMF Survey?

Home and Hearth Inspections, Inc. offers specialized surveys of your home or business to establish the levels of electromagnetic fields you or your family may experience. We also have very extensive experience in performing home inspections throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Combined, you get a great home inspection that also covers EMF.

James Christoforo, also licensed as a home inspector, is a degreed engineer in computer software and electrical engineering. Combined with his prior design work for General Dynamics and Lucent Technologies, James is well versed in EMF issues.

James can help you understand EMF and will determine the strength of nearby EMF fields within your house.

How is the EMF Survey performed?

This survey can be performed as part of a regular home inspection or as a separate service. In either case, you will receive a written report. The survey is performed using a “milligauss’ meter (a precisely calibrated device to compare the strengths of magnetic fields produced by electricity). These readings are plotted on to an outline drawing of your property and house. The data gathered is compared to other common electric sources within your house.

The survey will take about 1-2 hours. You will receive a verbal report immediately followed by a comprehensive written report by email.